Exploring Transformations - Part 1 (Second Edition)

Transformations has long been an important Mathematical concept and is an integral part of VCE Mathematical Methods. A grasp of the underlying concepts, associated formal descriptive language and Mathematical notation is required across several topics. This workbook of guided exercises with fully worked solutions, allows for these concepts to be explored in a thorough, unique and student friendly way. It is the first in a series of workbooks on Transformations and covers reflections in the x and y axes, translations parallel to the x and y axes and dilations from the x and y axes. While the material presented is required at year's 11 and 12, it is written to be accessible to students from year 10 up.

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Methods Basics - Sets, Relations and Functions

A thorough grasp of sets, relations and functions is fundamental to the study of Mathematical Methods. This booklet is highly recommended to all students planning to study middle and upper stream Mathematics in Years 11 and 12.

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